Watch OS 7 makes you dance (and wash your hands)

At Apple’s WWDC 2020 virtual event we also had the opportunity to see the new version of the Apple Watch operating system, watchOS 7. A system focused more than ever on helping you take care of your health, during your time of activity and also during the rest.

But first, the spheres. We see in this system renewed and redesigned spheres, with the particularity that they can now be shared. If a friend brings a dial on your Apple Watch that you like, you simply have to use the add dial function; If it includes applications that you don’t already have, you will be offered the option to add them. You can also share with someone else the spheres that you have created.

To activate

One of the things that the company highlighted in the presentation was the Workout application, which now encourages exercise through dance, with its Dance mode. Through the fusion of sensors, combining data from the accelerometer and the gyroscope, the watch detects the movements that the user performs with their arms and legs while dancing to rhythms like hip-hop, Bollywood and more, to monitor the calories they are burning, from just as with more traditional exercises.

The Maps application, for its part, has added the option of offering directions for cyclists, with routes and distances; It even informs you if where you go there are bicycle lanes and places optimized for this means of transport.

Hygiene and rest

According to the company, one of the functions that have been requested the most is sleep assistance. With watchOS 7 Apple has taken a “holistic” approach that offers the necessary tools to take care, by detecting micro-movements with the watch’s accelerometer, that the user sleeps long enough and goes to bed on time. Even creating a routine before going to bed is encouraged. The watch will know when and how much the user sleeps, and if he had a quiet or busy night.

One of the newest features of watchOS 7 responds to one of the most current needs: hand washing. Through its sensors, the watch will detect when the user washes their hands; then it will start a timer with 20 seconds that will alert when the washing has finished. If you stop earlier, you will be prompted to continue. And when you get home, your watch will remind you that the first thing you should do is wash your hands.

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