Hackers would have in their possession the new iOS 14 for months

It is not about screenshots or code snippets. According to a Vice report, both security researchers and hackers are holding a full version of iOS 14, the upcoming iPhone operating system, which has been around probably since February.

Officially, it is until June that iOS 14 is expected to be presented, at WWDC 2020.


According to the text, several sources close to the leak claim that someone obtained an exclusive developer version of the iPhone 11 that had a version of the iOS 14 dated December 2019. Sources indicate that the device was sold from China for “thousands of dollars ”to someone who bought it with the aim of extracting and distributing the operating system.

This leak is the source of rumors and data that has been published on sites like 9to5Mac, which obtained a copy of the operating system, in addition to several security researchers who have been closely examining it. Although it is clear that the final version of iOS 14 will be different from the leaked one, this lack of control is a source of concern for the Cupertino company.

“It’s crazy. I feel a little bad for whoever is causing this because Apple doesn’t take this kind of thing well, ”said Will Strafach, founder of the iOS security app Guardian Firewall.

Typically, Apple leaks are shared on Twitter with the hashtag #AppleInternals. Those who sell them are anonymous people using pseudonyms and false names, although the information they offer is undoubtedly legitimate.

This notorious leak has led the hacking community and researchers to conclude that Apple’s security has deteriorated in recent times. It remains to be seen what measures the company takes for the future.

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